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Resources for Funding Black-Owned Startups

Greenprint has compiled a list of organizations that are committed to supporting Black business owners, founders, and tech workers.

Resources for Engaging Black-Owned Startups and Talent articles, videos and resources to support Black tech workers.

Kapor Capital: an Oakland based fund that champions a diverse team and investment in underrepresented entrepreneurs.

NewME Accelerator: An early-stage accelerator and week-long bootcamp for founders from underrepresented demographics.

Hello Alice: Hello Alice is a free platform that helps businesses launch and grow, with communities in all 50 states. Their site includes a list of resources for Black entrepreneurs and ways to support Black owned businesses.

Digitalundivided: supports Black and Latinx women entrepreneurs with incubator initiatives designed to empower women.

Black Girls Code: Through workshops and classes, Black Girls Code provides preteen and teenage girls of color with exposure to coding, computer science, and technology.

UrbanGeekz: a digital news platform that reports on technology, business, science and startups with a focus on people of color; it also offers events and newsletters to keep followers up to date.

Backstage Capital: Backstage invests in women, people of color, and LGBT+ founders and supports them on their journey to success.

Startup Runway: Startup Runway is a competition for underrepresented founders that awards grants to promising companies from top VCs.

AngelList’s Black-Owned Startup List: A list of Black-owned startups across the US.

The Plug: a media platform that curates the top tech news for and about Black founders and innovators.

Black Tech Nation: Based in Pittsburgh, the Black Tech Nation is dedicated to growing a Black tech ecosystem of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Zebras Unite: Zebras Unite is an inclusive and ethical movement to develop alternative business models that challenge the startup status quo.

Black Founders: Black Founders aims to increase the number of successful Black entrepreneurs in technology.

BLCK VC: a focused community for Black venture investors that aims to double the number of Black VCs by 2024.

The Black Founder List: A comprehensive list of US-based venture-backed Black founders.

POCIT: People of Color in Tech (POCIT) is an online publication and newsletter for the latest in PoC tech news.

University Associations:


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